This is a fantastic question that is asked all the time. My typical answer is that intravenous (iv) nutrients, minerals and vitamins delivered at once into your bloodstream carries the vitamins instantly to your cells where they are able to do their job as cofactors for a extensive variety of cellular processes right away. Intravenous delivery is the most efficient technique of administration for any compound or medication, not simply vitamins. Iv antibiotics work better and faster than oral antibiotics. Iv pain medicinal drugs work better and quicker than oral pain medicines. Iv saline solution works better and quicker than ingesting a glass of water. It’s basically a universal truth of drugs.

But this answer typically ends in with other questions such as why will we need to give more vitamins and nutrients with the aid of an iv? We ingest vitamins on every occasion we consume food so shouldn’t that be sufficient?

My answer is: “maybe no longer … especially if you’re feeling a touch ‘off’”.

Right here’s why. Our digestive tracts have to break down the food we ingest to extract everything from minerals to amino acids to antioxidants to fat and even water soluble vitamins. This process may be very complicated and it’s without a doubt pretty inefficient. Only a small amount (20-30%) of the nutrients we ingest get absorbed. The rest are excreted. Plus plenty of factors can misshapen within the process of extracting vitamins from meals… mainly while we're stressed!

Here's a quick list:

  1. Poor breakdown: Eating excessively quick without biting and pH changes in the degree of stomach acid influence the breakdown of food and the initiation of proteins and nutrients like B12.
  2. Low quality food: Let's face it … under pressure we will in general eat comfort food which is for the most part is of poor nutritional quality.
  3. Poor processing: Stress triggers the "fight or flight" sensory system which diminishes blood flow to the stomach and brings down the yield of pancreatic proteins by as much as 20,000 fold. These enzymes are responsible for the break down of fats, starches and protein into little absorbable pieces and for the release of nutrients and vitamins from food so they can be assimilated into the body.
  4. Poor retention: The healthy bacteria in the gut, which additionally produce nutrients and control our regulate our immune systems, kick the bucket under stress. Unhealthy "pathogenic" (awful) bacteria grow and develop in their place. These bugs upset digestion and trigger irritation making harm the gut lining. At the point when the gut covering of the small intestine (which is the place supplements are consumed) endures under pressure, nutrients, minerals and supplements are not taken up appropriately into the blood to be moved to our cells.

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The reality is this: supplements in food are more difficult to separate, process and ingest on the grounds that the digestive tract itself is an exceptionally complicated, delicate mechanism that doesn't perform well under pressure.

Now I can hear you asking the following inquiry that unavoidably comes up: Who cares if my supply of vitamins and nutrients is low if nothing else is wrong?

All things considered, there's all the more terrible news. Stress builds our requirement for energy. Brain cells need more neurotransmitters, cells need to divide and make DNA, stress hormones should be fabricated, muscles need to contract harder. The liver may need to stay at work past 40 hours to tidy up toxins on the off chance that we choose to "calm" our nerves by drinking liquor and smoking.

The energy for this additional activity is made in your mitochondria—the tiny power plants in every one of our cells—with the assistance of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. We definitely know these are hard to come by, in view of the negative impacts of stress on the digestive tract. So guess what? You will have a troublesome time making enough energy to keep up with your stressed out state in case you're experiencing a nutrient shortage.

Comprehending this process happens significantly under a mild stress from relationships, exhausting or overworking or over exercising. In these circumstances our energy needs go up, however our gut function is unfavorably affected and we basically need more of the nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to look after wellbeing. In the long run the low supply and high demand situation prompts a breakdown in health and wellbeing, so it is ideal to be proactive. Lower stress and raise the levels of micronutrients and vitamins, particularly with IV Therapy.

This lopsidedness in the process depicted above is all the more significantly aggravated on the off chance that you are experiencing progressively extreme stressors which have just caused issues like weariness, headaches, upset stomach, sleepless nights, infections, aches and pains, and a wide assortment of different symptoms. Fundamentally, if something doesn't feel right you can be truly sure it's because of a nutrient deficiency. In the event that this goes on too long cells start to suffer, symptoms being to exacerbate, and chronic illness can result.

To recap, here is the manner by which intravenous (IV) nutrient treatments works:

  1. IV Therapy sidesteps the whole stomach related framework including your liver. This implies we don't need to stress over the breakdown, assimilation and ingestion of food, since we administer the supplements straightforwardly into blood.
  2. IV Therapy expands blood and tissue concentrations of nutrients far above the levels we can ever accomplish even by taking vitamins and nutrients orally.
  3. IV Therapy temporarily and securely floods cells with an oversupply of the nutrients expected to make energy and the building blocks of our cells like proteins, fats, DNA and cells membranes.
  4. IV Therapy can deliver fat soluble vitamins (A, E, D and K), water solvent vitamins (C, B1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,12) , minerals (magnesium, calcium, zinc), amino acids… and all the more direct to all cells.

The impacts of making these nutrients accessible to your cells in bounty can be dramatic and practically quick. Numerous patients report an increase in energy, better temperament, less anxiety, improved immunity and rest, quicker recovery from muscle weakness and a lifting of their mental "fog" not long after treatment.

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