As we approach middle age it becomes more and more important to focus on health and to figure out ways to help the body protect itself from illness. We can help combat the body’s slow down by using high doses of antioxidants and vitamins. By supporting the immune system with essential nutrients like vitamin c and glutathione we are able to give extra fight to the aging system. These essential nutrients can assist in cellular function and improve in the operation of many bodily systems.

As we age we are exposed to more agents that can cause a disruption in the proper functioning of our bodies and specifically our immune systems. These agents are called free radicals, which unfortunately are a by-product of our everyday lives. They build up and disrupt our cells due to medications, pollution, chemicals or even stress. The good news is that we can use vitamins and antioxidants to help restore our cells and remove the toxic free radicals.

When vitamins are given IV they bypass the gut and can be utilized far more effectively. As we age the gut becomes less effective at absorbing nutrients which means vitamins or supplements taken orally may not be as effective. Therefor, by avoiding the gut, they can reach the cells faster and do not lose their potency.

The other great benefit of vitamins for aging adults is that they can actually have anti-aging effects. High doses of vitamins and antioxidants help cells work normally and function appropriately. This means that skin cells would continue to produce collagen leading to less sagging skin, and fewer wrinkles. Skin creams usually contain vitamins but when they are given directly in the IV they can be absorbed better and nourish the skin as well as other body systems. Many studies have shown that regular vitamin and antioxidant consumption can actually assist in prevention against our most common diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many others.


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